Dobby the Free Elf Box

39.52 €

”Socks are Dobby’s favourite, favourite clothes, sir!”

Dobby the Free Elf boxes are a tribute to the free and brave house elf Dobby created by J. K. Rowling. The boxes are made in collaboration with Pynja. The box includes 100g of Wool Me Once Fibers hand dyed Merino Sock yarn, handmade project bag and sock pattern by Pynja and other small suprices. Price of the box is 49€, price doesn’t include shipping. 

Dobby the Free Elf boxes will be available as pre-order on Saturday (May 16th) at noon Finnish time (EEST) in both webshops. There will be limited amount of boxes listed so if they are sold out in one shop, please check the other. 

The boxes will be shipped at the beginning of week 26, so hopefully the box will arrive in time to Dobby’s birthday on June 28th.


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